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New year, new menu

Some things about the Ranch will always stay the same. The mountains. The meadows. The horses. The music. The welcome. But we've made one change this year we think you'll like: a new dining menu for the upcoming season. You can get your first taste here.

We are now Pet Friendly!

Cataloochee Ranch is pleased to announce we’re a "Pet Friendly" establishment. We now offer a limited number of cabins that are designated as "Pet Friendly." They are Chestnut, Crabapple, Sourwood and Laurel. Our pet fee is $100 per pet for the duration of your stay. No more than two pets per cabin would be accepted. Due to the nature of the Ranch, all dogs must be on a leash at all times outside of the cabin. Upon check-in, you will need to sign a Pet Policy Agreement, and then you and your pet can make yourselves at home. (Insert tail wag!)